How to Choose Your Best Paint Sprayer?

Best Paint SprayerAre you looking for the best paint sprayer? Having the right paint sprayer will be a huge time saver and will provide you a more professional finish. Check out my short guide and learn more.

A sprayer can save hours of job when used correctly so that it can be worth their price for various projects. The key is to understand what unit might be the best for certain projects. Obviously, the contrator who wants their sprayers to work all day long and pump more than 100 gallons a day need a diffent machine compared with a handy man who only uses his sprayer for small objects.

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PicProductPriceType RatingsReviewsDetails
The Wagner 518080 Control Spray Max HVLP Sprayer
$$$HVLPstars 4.5 Review
Graco Magnum X5 Airless Paint Sprayer
$$$$$Airlessstars 4.5 Review
Wagner  0515034Wagner Spray Tech 0515034 Procoat Paint Sprayer
$$$$Airlessstars 4 Review
Tool Force A-C1 50 PSI 2-in-1 HVLP Spray Gun
$HVLPstars 4 Review
HomeRight C800766 Finish Max Fine Finish Sprayer
$$Hand-Heldstars4.2 Review
Wagner 0529010Wagner 0529010 Flexio 590 Sprayer Kit
$$$Hand-Heldstars4.2 Review
Earlex HV5500Earlex HV5500 Spray Station
$$$$$HVLPstars 4.5 Review
Wagner 0518050 Control Spray Double Duty Paint Sprayer
$$HVLP, Hand-Heldstars4.2 Review
Graco 257025 Project Painter Plus$$$$Airlessstars 4.5 Review Details
Wagner 0525029 Power Painter Pro with EZ Tilt
$$$Hand-Heldstars 3.8 Review

Differnt Categories of Paint Sprayers

Most sprayers today fall into one of the four categories:

  • HVLP paint sprayers (HVLP stands for “high volume low pressure”)
  • Airless paint sprayers
  • Hand held cup paint sprayers
  • Air paint sprayers

Different categories of sprayers are designed for differet applications.

HVLP Paint Sprayers – The Best Paint Sprayer for Detail Work:

Best Paint Sprayer - The HVLP Paint SprayerAn HVLP sprayer is a hybird between an air and an airless sprayer. It can reduce more overspray than an airless because of its low volume. This makes the HVLP unit fit for small projects such as shutters, doors, fences, iron work, shelving and furniture and the HVLP sprayer becomes so veratile when dealing with this things. But an HVLP sprayer can’t put out as much paint as an airless sprayer. If you use your sprayer mainly for small items, an HVLP should be considerd.


Airless Paint Sprayers – The Best Paint Sprayer for Versatility :


Airless sprayers are the most versatile among the four categories of sprayers. The differences in coverage, pump, and quality are more easily achievable and the price of an airless can range from one hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. The smaller airless rig is great for do-it-selfers and homeowners but it is also used by contractors for occasionnal small projects. The smaller unit is lightweight and portable – sometimes even a child can carry it. Larger airless sprayers also have their places, which will be used by contractors when hundreds of gallons paint are being applied.


Hand Held Cup Sprayers:

Best Paint Sprayer - The Hand Held Cup SprayerThese little electronic sprayers have a long history. They have a paint cup attached to the gun so it is convenient to use. A hand held sprayer can also be considered as an airless sprayer because it doesn’t use air to atomize the paint. It is designed for frequent, daily use and is an ideal choice for do-it-selfers and homeowners. Contractors can also use these hand held cup sprayers when dealing with small items in project.



Air Sprayers – The Best Paint Sprayer Used for Automobiles :

Best Paint Sprayer - The Air SprayerThis kind of sprayer is also known as a convetional sprayer. They look a lot like the hand held cup sprayers but the difference is that you need an air compressor to help the unit atomize the paint. So the paint will be mixed with air and you will get a finer mist. Air sprayers are suitble for painting automobiles and cabinets because it can provide a slick and glossy finish. However, it is hard to reduce the overspray and the output is slower than an HVLP or an airless.


Understanding the different types of sprayers and different intended applications will help you make the best use of my reviews and choose the best paint sprayer. Good-luck and happy painting!