Graco 257025 Project Painter Plus Review


Graco 257025 Project Painter Plus is a professional paint sprayer. You can handle almost all surfaces with all kinds of paint (both thick and thin). A professional result is ensured and the cleanup will be very simple because of its “Power Flush” System.


Spray Directly from a Container – The machine comes with a long hose and
a pail hook to connect with your container. So you don’t need to pour your paint frequently. Additionally, the hook helps you to move your container during painting.

Fast Cleanup – Graco 257025 has a so-called “Power Flush” System. You only need to attach your garden hose to this system and then the cleanup will be done in a short time.

Professional Result – Graco 257025 will give you a professional result definitely.


The Price – The price is a little bit high.

Overspray – Although the producer claims that the unit doesn’t make a lot of overspray, some customers reported that, the machine could bring a big mess of overspray, if not handled properly.

Those Who Should Buy This Paint Sprayer:

People who need a paint sprayer – This paint sprayer can do almost all painting jobs for you.

Those Who Shouldn’t Buy This Paint Sprayer:

People who are on budget – Considering it is a little bit expensive.