HomeRight C800766 Finish Max Fine Finish Sprayer Reivews


HomeRight C800766 Finish Max Sprayer is an well-designed HVLP paint sprayer with excellent performance when dealing with small project, like furniture, cabinets, etc. It has three spraying modes so you can have precise control over the volume and patterns. It is greater for homeowner and do-it-selfer to buy a HomeRight C800766. But it may be not suitable for contractors and other people who have heavy jobs of painting.



Affordable – As you can see, this paint sprayer is relatively cheaper compared with many other paint sprayers. May be it is because this unit is mainly made of plastic. Although the price is low, it can always meet most needs for home use.

Three Spray Modes – Horizontal, circular and vertical. You can handle very detailed work with these three settings. Just turn the volume knob, you will get different flow quickly.

Lightweight – It is a hand-held paint sprayer. You can bring it to any place conveniently.


The Need to Refill the Paint Cup – At the cost of its lightweight and cheap price, the paint cup is not that big. You need to refill the paint cup from time to time when doing your job, which will waste your time.

May be Not Durable – As we mentioned above, the sprayer is plastic. Its body may not last for long time.

Who Should Buy This Paint Sprayer:

Homeowners for furniture, cabinets and detail work. Do-it-selfer for make small crafts. People with low budget.

Who Should Not Buy This Paint Sprayer:

People who are dealing with large area of painting, like interior or exterior walls, ceilings, etc. Contractors.