Wagner 0518050 Control Spray Double Duty Paint Sprayer Review


Wagner 0518050 Control Spray Double Duty Paint Sprayer is a cheap and easy-to-use paint sprayer on the market. It does good to save your time on painting. The paint sprayer is designed to be portable and hand-held, so the usage is quite simple. There are both advantages and disadvantages for Wagner 0518050 and I will show them as follows.


Wagner 0518050 paint sprayer Three Patterns to Adjust – It is an awesome feature for detail work like edging – the fan could be vertical, horizontal and round. The three patterns is very useful when you try to spray something at different angles and make the coat even.

Easy Clean-up – A great amount of customers reported that Wagner 0518050 is easy to clean after work. You should first stop spraying and then clean the nozzle with clean water. The time for clean-up will be short.

Good for Different Thin Paints – You can apply a wide range of thin paint with this paint sprayer, such as stains, varnishes and so on. The producer also mentions that this unit works both indoor and outdoor.

The Price – Comparatively, the paint sprayer is not expensive among the HVLP paint sprayers.


The Viscosity is Hard to Adjust – The paint sprayer uses thin paint. But it is not an easy work to adjust the viscosity of paint for beginners. Some customers complained about this.

The Weight – Although the paint sprayer is not a big unit, you have to hold it persistently during your work.

Who Should Buy This Unit:

Those who needs to spray thin paint and the project is not a big one.

Who Shouldn’t Buy This Unit:

Those who are new to painting. Those who are going to use a thick paint. Those who are going to do a big project.